Santuário de Elefantes

priceOs Santuários de Elefantes com os quais trabalhamos fazem parte de um projeto de ecoturismo que começou em Chiang Mai no norte do pais em 2014 e que se desenvolveu em Phuket e Pattaya. Oferecemos os passeios nessas 3 cidades.

The priority of these sanctuaries is to take care of the elephants. Many were exploited by humans and had a difficult life with high workload. When you book this tour, part of your ticket price is invested to further help the elephants and develop these sanctuaries.

In the sanctuaries we work with, the first rule is to let the elephant do what he wants to do. You will not climb the elephant but will accompany by your side.

Our tours to the Elephant Sanctuary

We offer 3 elephant tours: the first one is not a part of a sanctuary -> babies elephants on the beach . It’s another quick walk to take pictures on the beach and have fun with young animals (20 minutes in contact with the elephants).

The two tours we offer at the elephant sanctuary represent real contact in the natural environment of an elephant. .

OPTION 1: Full Day with the Elephants

The schedule of this tour is as follows:

  • We will pick you up from your hotel between 6.30 am and 7:45 am, after an hour we arrive at the sanctuary (in the north of the island). You will receive some English information about the elephants upon arrival. And it’s worth remembering that the elephant has a great memory, can remember everything and will even remember you if you come back in a few years.
  • Courtesy: Coffee, tea and some cookies.
  • Elephant feeding, interaction and observation of animals in the environment.
  • Walk in the forest with elephants, observation of elephant behavior in the nature.
  • Stop for lunch (buffet released) (“all you can eat” buffet)
  • After lunch you will relax for an hour at Naithon Beach which is near the sanctuary.
  • After that you will feed the elephants. For this you will be given a bucket with bananas and watermelons. And you will give them fruits to eat; the animal will take the food in your hand. When an elephant is old, he may have lost his teeth, and in that case he would like you to peel the banana; o) But in general an elephant does not eat just one banana, but a whole bunch of bananas at one time and with the shell. He can weigh 5 or 10 000 pounds, meaning if you weigh 65 kg, 70 bananas for him represent one for you, if you give only one he will not like and will remember you forever; o)
  • After the elephants’ lunch will come the time to throw water on them and peel. You will give a mud bath (SPA). Elephants love the water and even though his skin is thick (more than one inch), he needs care.
  • After that, you will swim with the elephants, they lie down in the water, you can brush them, splash water.
  • Time to say goodbye to the animals then your van will drop you off at your hotel.

This tour does not take place in the same area, but will take place in another elephant sanctuary.

OPTION 2: Three hours with the elephants

You can choose either the morning or the afternoon tour.

  • After you arrive and receive some information in English, you will be offered as a courtesy : tea, coffee, cookies.
  • The tour begins with feeding the elephants (with bananas and watermelon), each feeding the elephants. Some elephants prefer bananas, others watermelon, you will find that out-)
  • After feeding the elephants it will be the mud bath time where you will smear yourself. Tip: Do not come in white 🙂 but with beachwear, bringing a towel and extra clothes could be helpful.
  • Finally, you will bathe the elephants on the lake. They will lie down, you can brush them splash water and such. Elephants love the water.
  • After that you will be offered an “All you can eat buffet” with Thai food. Tip: Do not have a very heavy breakfast at the hotel, the buffet arrives early, before the usual lunch time.
  • Return to the hotel with the van at about 1pm

Para guia em português por favor consultar a disponibilidade e o valor.