KRABI BOOK TOURVisit Krabi, Railay Beach and the surrounding beautiful islands on this full day trip from Phuket. With over 150 islands along its 100 miles of coastline and many with fantastic white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, jungle-lined inland, towering cliffs, caves, waterfalls and exotic wildlife.

Our tour to Krabi includes:

  • Transfer from your hotel (pick up and drop off)
  • Water and soda on board
  • Lunch

During this tour you will discover 6 points of interest:

1- Railay Beach : A stunning beach, with its green color sea and its very impressive rock walls; a great place to relax, swim and enjoy.

 2- Phra Nang Cave: The cave is on the east side of Railay Bay and is famous for its wonderful stalactites and stalagmites. Phra Nang Cave has for a long period been used by local fishermen. People are offerings goods to the symbolic Shiva Phallus. Phra Nang Cave’s  Fishermen say the cave is the home of the mythical sea princess. They believe their offerings will make them successful in their fishing and will protect them from danger. But the most remarkable is the large collection of carved wooden with phallic symbols inside the cave.

3- Tub Island :Tub Island, also known as Tup Island, are two small islands that belong to the Poda Islands group. These two islets are linked by a sandbar during the low tide. It allows you to walk to Chicken Island. The popularity of Tub Island is due to its specific shape, as both sides of the sand strip offer a great swim in crystal clear water.

4- Pruning Island Poda Island is one of the most popular islands in the Krabi archipelago. The Island belongs to a group of 4 islands, and is among the largest. With its palm, pine green vegetation and surrounded by a soft white sand beach, it is a true tropical refuge. A coral reef is about 60 ft from the beach with a great marine life. The place  is ideal for scuba diving, snorkeling and kayaking.

5- Chicken Island:

Chicken Island is a small island of the Poda Islands group, located about five miles from Ao Nang in Krabi Province. The place is named “Chicken” because there is a chicken-shaped rock located at its southern tip.

6- Ao Nang Beach:  our last destination, is located in Ao Nang which is the Krabi’s main tourist attraction. Its a relaxing, small-town, with a nice atmosphere with a local charm. The city is very small. You can cross it from side to side in a 30-minute walk.KRABI BOOKING TOUR