Bebeis elefantes na praia

BOOK TOUR BABIES ELEPHANTSSwimming and playing with babies elephants in Phuket has become very popular since many people do not want anymore to injure those animals making elephant trek. This tour offer the opportunity to share a sweet moment with babies elephants. These elephants are no more used for hard work as they used to be.

Many people ask if elephant on the beach are not maltreated : the answer is NO.  Those elephant are spending time in the forest and some hours on the beach every day. Elephant loves water and like to spend time into the sea.  Many of our clients love this tour with those small elephants. The animals are very kind and for your security their mahout stay with them during the tour.

Nadando com bebê elefantes
Playing with babies elephants


Bebeis elefantes na praia
Babies elephants on the beach

If you have always dreamt to share a moment with elephants in a very nice environment, this tour is for you.  Phuket is one of the best place in the word to make your dream come true. Like our tiger Kingdom tour , this is an amazing experience for who love wild animals.


Some information about elephants in Thailand:

  • The number of elephants in the world and in Thailand dropped significantly during the last century, since the population rises and deforestation increased.

  • In Thailand the biggest population of wild elephants are located inthe National park of Khao Yai, in wild life sanctuary of Thung Yai and Huai Kha, and along the Burma border. Those animals are nowadays protected by national laws in Thailand.