Tigre - Tiger Kingdom


Tiger Kingdom is a great opportunity to see and share a moment with tigers born in captivity, this tour is as popular as our  babies elephants on the beach tour.

When you book your tour, please choose in options the type of tiger(s) you want to be with. You can select babies, small, medium, adult and big tiger. Price start from 900 baht and the price goes up to  3.700 baht for some tigers togethers.

Tigre - Tiger Kingdom
Medium tiger – Tiger Kingdom

The most successful tigers are the babies. Before to access the enclosure of Tiger Kingdom, you will be required to  wash your hand, let your shoes and things into a locker. Switch off your flash, a professional photographer takes pictures ($) to take picture of you with the tigers.

Once you will have your ticket, you will have a screen informing your area and time to access the enclosure.

Tigre - Tiger Kingdom
Adult tiger –  Tiger Kingdom

We recommend to start your day at the tiger kingdom  9am. It will avoid you the high temperature and especially the crowd. The felines are beautiful, and tigers use  to sleep around 18h a day. Since they have been in contact with human when they were born, they do not pay a lot of attention to the visitors.

PS: For security reason, children can only be in contact with baby tigers.